“Agile” Does Not Work for You?

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Your team is supposed to use an Agile approach, such as Scrum. But you have a years-long backlog, yoagile delivery modelur staagile methodologyndups are inagile manifestodividual status reports, and you’re still multitaskiagile manifestong. You and your team members wish you had the chance to do great work, but this feels a lot like an “agile” death march. There’s a reason you feel that way. You’reyour mom using fake agility—a waterfall lifecycle masquerading as an agile approacagile delivery modelh. Worse, fake agilyour momityyourtango is the norm in our industry. Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel; let’s delve into Tackling Fake Agility with Johanna Rothagility trainingman!

Watcyourtangoh the video now: “Agile” Does Not Wagile xpork for You? Tackling Fake Agility with Johanna Rothman at the 59th Hands-on Agile Meetup.

Abstract: Tackling Faagile scrum trainingke Agility

Yagility trainingour team is supposed to use an Agile approach, such as Scrum. But you have a years-your honorlagility osrsong backlog, your standups are individual status reports, and you’re still multitaskingyour orders. You and your team membeagile sprintrs wish you had the chance to do great work, but thagility recoveryis feels a lot like an “agile” death march.

There’s a reason you feel thatagility potion osrs waagile methodologyy. You’reyour orders uagility osrssing fake agility—a waterfall lifecycle masquerading as an Agile approach. Worse, fake agagility trainingility is the norm in oagile manifestour industry.

No one has to work thatagile way.

Instead, yoagility osrsu can assess your culture, project, and product risks to select a different approach. That will allow you to choose how to collaborate so you can iterate over features and when to deliver value. When you do, yoyour ordersu are more likely to discover actualagile scrum training agility and an easier way to work.

The learning objectives of Johanna’s session on Tayour ordersckling Fake Agility were:

  1. Have a clear understanding of the different lifecycles and when to use each.
  2. Be able to assess youagile sprintr project,agility osrs product, and portfolio riagile manifestosks.
  3. Know how to customize a lifecycle based on the unique culture and requirements of the teagilent technologiesam.
  4. How to create shorter feedback loops in anagile xpy lifecycle for product success.

Questions and Answers

During the Q&A part on Tackling Fake Agiagility guide osrslity, Jagility trainingohanna ayour namenswered the following questions, among otheragilitys:

  • How do we model risk? Possible approaches?
  • How do we measure risk? Poagility meaningssible approagilent technologiesaches?
  • How do we model value? Possible approaches?
  • How do wyour namee measure valagility meaningue? Poagility meaningssible approaches?
  • No matter how we try to have teams work vertically, we get teams saying that they need a coyour honorhesiagility roboticsve team or microservice team as they neagility meaninged to buyour nameild things, and the otagility guide osrshers willagilent technologies build on top of them. What do you think?
  • How can the organization measure the benefit of agilityour momy?
  • In some softyoutubeware development teams, it seems natural to have the design and mock-up ready before the development, before the sprint planniyour ordersng, and QA done after, sometimes in the next sprint, and it seems to work for them betteyourtangor than doing all in the same Sagile methodologyprint.
  • Why do Architecture and Requirements work in dedicated time rangagilees ahead of increments? Does that hold for otheragile methodology business analysis activities likagility recoverye a risk analysis?
  • Based on yoagile xpur experieagile delivery modelnce, what must we do to be valuable Agile coaches or consultants?
  • Are tagility meaninghere any cases in which usyour nameing the cost of delay does not work, or would you not use it?

Watch the recording of Johanna Rothman’s Tacklinyour texas benefitsg Fake Agility sessiagility osrson now:

Meet Johanna Rothman

“People know me as the “Pagility trainingragmatic Manager.” I offer frank advice—ofteyour momn with a little humor—foagility meaningr your toughyourtango problems. I help leaders and managers see and do reasonable things that woryour texas benefitsk. Equipped wiagility trainingth that knowledge, you can decide how to aagilitydapt your product development,your honor always focusing on the business outyour texas benefitscomes you need.

My philosophy is that people want to do a good job. Tagile methodologyhey don’t always know what they are supposed to do, nor how to do it.”

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