10 Most Popular Tools to Monitor and Debug Serverless Applications

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Ensuring the seamless operation of serverless applications is crucial for delivering exceptional user eserverless computing awsxperiences and mainserverless computing securitytaining highapplication development trends performance. This requires effective modebug command cisconitoring adebug command eu4nd troubleshooting tools that can identify issues, monapplication software developeritor performance metrics, and debug errors in real time. With the rapidebug command eu4d adoption of serverless architeserverless computing azurecture, multiple tools have emerged to assist developers and DevOps teams in managing servedebug command stellarisrledebug command in pythonss apps efficiently. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 tools that offer robust monitoring and debugging capabilities for serapplication for us passportverless environments, helping organserverless computing awsizations ensurserverless computing awse optimal performance and reliability.

What Is Serveserverless computing awsrless Monitoring?

Serverapplication development trendsless monitoring and debugging is the practice of trackiapplication formng and scrutinizing the performance, availability, and behavior of serverless applicapplication software developerations and functions. In a serverless architectudebug command minecraftre, apserverless computing youtubeps are built and deployed as a collection of funserverless computing youtubections thaapplication colleget run in response to events triggered by external sources, such as daapplication collegetabase changes, HTTP requests, or scheduledserverless computing security tasks. Serverless monitoring invoapplication letterlves gathdebug command hoi4ering metrics, ldebug command sims 4ogsdebug command eu4, and other data points from these functions and services to confirm they are functioning as expected and to detectserverless computing google cloud and troublesdebug command hoi4hoot any issues or anomalies that may arise. The main objective ofapplication software developer serverless monitoring is to optimize the performance and reliability of serverless applications, improve resource utilization, and provide iapplicationnsights for continuous improvement and optimization.

Criteria for Assessing Serverdebug command minecraftless Monidebug command stellaristoring Solutions

Evaluating serverless monserverless computing azureitoring tools is crucial for edebug command eu4nsuring theapplication college optiserverless computing platformsmal performance, reliability, aapplication letternd efficiency of your serverless applications. Thapplication forme choice of monitoring solutions can sigdebug command in cmdnificantly impact how weserverless computing google cloudll you can manage and optimize your serverless archiserverless computing awstecture. Here are some key criteria to codebug command cisconsider when evaapplication collegeluating serverless monitoring tools.

  1. Scalability: An effective monitoring tool must be scserverless computing youtubealable to accommodate changing workloads and the increasing number of featurserverless computing youtubees, serviceserverless computing awss, and events in serverless applications. It should seamlessly adjust to shifting workloads without compromising functionality.
  2. Real-time monitoring capabilities: Lodebug command in cmdok for tools that offer real-time alerts and metrics tapplication development trendso quickly identify and address emserverless computing awserging issues. Reaapplications folderl-time monitoring provides complete visibiliserverless computing meaningty and minimal latency for effective troubleshooting and proactive management.
  3. Ease of integration: Choapplication formose monitoring tools tdebug command in pythonhat integrate easily with your serverless enviroapplication software developernment, supporting popular platforms and frameworapplications folderks. Integration with existing DevOps and CI/CD pipelines is essential foapplication for us passportr streamliningapplication form the monitoring process within the development lifecycle.
  4. Cdebug command in pythonustomization optapplication software developerions: Ensure that the monitoring tools offer customization options to tailor monitorserverless computinging for sserverless computing meaningerverless applications according to your specific needs. This includes definindebug command sims 4g custom metrics, setserverless computing google cloudting up personalized aleserverless computing meaningrts, and creating dashboards aligned with your performanceapplication form indicators.
  5. Cost consideratiapplication software developeronsapplication software developer: Understand the pricing model of the monitorinserverless computing awsg tools and evaluate how well it adebug command eu4ligns with your budget. Consider factors such as features needed, data volume processed, adebug command in pythonnd level oserverless computing securityf monitoring granularity required. Choose tools that offer transparent pricing aapplications foldernd a balance between features and cost-effectiveness.

Tapplication collegeop 10 Serverless Monitorapplication software developering Solserverless computing securityutions for 2024

Serverless monitorindebug command eu4g solutions offer a seamless experience that enhances your overall operational efdebug command sims 4ficiency. However, it's important to note that not all tools are the same. We'll dapplication collegeelve into thedebug command minecraft features, advantages and disadvantages,debug command minecraft practical applicationserverless computing youtubes, anserverless computing securityd pricing structures of our top 10 solutions.serverless computing youtube


Lumigo is a seserverless computing youtuberverless monitoring platform designed for rapid troubleshooting. Iserverless computing google cloudt provides reserverless computing youtubeal-time monitoring capabilities and interactive visual maps to analyze compldebug command in cmdex system behaviors, allowing for quicker issue resolution. Lumigo specializes in identifying critical pathsapplication and choke points to enhance application performance, improve efficidebug command stellarisency, and reduce latenserverless computing awscy. The platform also tracks various scenarios adebug command in cmdnd generates detailed data-driven reports.

Pros of Lumigo include support for vaapplication collegerious logapplications folder and metric types, custodebug command eu4mizable dashboards, analytics management for capacity and demand, and a transparent cost structure.

However, Lumigo has some limitations such as a lack of audit trail sudebug command sims 4pport and the restriction to monitoring one cloudebug command eu4d platform at a time.

Use cases fserverless computing youtubeor Lumigo include monitoring and debugging third-party APIs and managed services, investigating performance and cost-related issues, conducting end-to-end transaction path analysis, and peserverless computingrforming root cause analysis.

Pricing Model

Four pricing tiers startingdebug command minecraft from USD 0 based on the number of traces, making it accessible for organizations of different sizes and needs.


AWS X-Ray, an offering by Amazon, is a serverless monitoring tool that serves a different purpose compared to CloudWatch. Whiapplication for us passportle CloudWatch focuses on monitoring and collecting metrics from AWS resources and appserverless computing awslications, Aserverless computing platformsWS X-Ray is geared towards asapplication development trendssisting developers in tracking requests across aapplication distributed application. It helps identify performance issues, aids in debugging, and tracks performance bottlenecks. AWS X-Ray supportapplications folders several programming languages sudebug command in pythonch as Node.jsserverless computing meaning, C#, Python, Java, Goserverless computing meaning, and Ruby.

Some advanserverless computing google cloudtages of AWS X-Ray include itapplication colleges native integration with AWS servicapplicationes, a robust feature set tailored for distributed applications, and support for in-cloud debugging.

On thapplication for us passporte downside, AWS X-Ray is limited to compatibility with AWS services only. It doedebug command hoi4s not suppdebug command in cmdort tracing over the API gateway and asynchronous invocations, which couldapplication development trends lead to performapplicationance errors in certain scenarios.

Use cases for AWS X-Ray include event monitoring and tracing, analyzing and debugging pserverless computing awsroductiodebug command stellarisn and distributed applications with microservices architecture, applyingapplication sampling algorithms to determine whidebug command sims 4ch requserverless computing google cloudests to trace, and using segments and subsegments to trace data codebug command in cmdntent.

Pricing Model

AWS X-debug command in cmdRay offers a fdebug command in pythonree tier for the first 1application software developer00,000 traces recorded each month. For organizations requiriapplication formng more tracserverless computing azurees, they can estimate the cost using the AWS pricing calculator to determine the most suitable pricing plan.

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatapplication development trendsch, an AWS serverlesapplication development trendss monitoring tool, offers a comprehedebug command in pythonnsive solution that seamlessly integrates with all AWS services. This todebug command in cmdol is known for its real-time custom event creation and monitoring capabilities, utilizing machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection. Byapplication software developer default, CloudWapplication for us passportatch collects Lambda metrics but can also be configured to gather custom metrics related to terminations, volumes, thresholds, adebug command in pythonnd more. The collected data is presented on customizable dashboards for easy anaserverless computing awslysis.

Pros of Amazon CloudWatch include easy setup of alerts, seamless integration with AWS services, reserverless computing awsal-time alerts and aserverless computing platformsnalytics, and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Howevedebug command ciscor, there aapplications folderre limitations toserverless computing aws coapplication software developernsider such as problematic integration with non-AWS vendors, lack of transaction tracking,debug command cisco limited search and filtering capabildebug command minecraftities, and potentially unpredictable pricing at scale.

Use cases for Amazon CloudWatch includedebug command stellaris monitoring application performance with visual data and alarmsserverless computing platforms, conducting root cause analysis, optimizing resources by setting custom thdebug command ciscoresholds, and testing website impact through evaluation of user requestsapplication college, logs, analytics, and data.

Pricing Model

Offers a free tier with basic monitoring metrics and a paid tier via a pay-as-yoapplication for us passportu-go model which caapplicationn be caserverless computing platformslculated using the AWS pricing cadebug command in cmdlculator.

Google Clouserverless computing awsd’s Operations Suite (Formerly Stackdriver)

Google Cldebug command ciscooud’s Operations Suiteserverless computing google cloud, formerly known as Stackdriverserverless computing platforms, is a comprehensive distributed application monitoring system offered by Google Cloud.application college It sapplication for us passporterves as Google's capplication letterounterpart to Amazon CloudWatch and comprises three main pillardebug command in cmds: Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging, and Cloud Tracing. This suite provides real-time log management analysis, scalable metrics observabildebug command eu4ity, a managed service for running and scaling Prometheuapplication development trendss, and application perfoapplication software developerrmance management functionaldebug command ciscoities.

One of the significant adserverless computing meaningvantages of Google Cloud’s Operations Suite is its multi-cloud compatibilidebug command sims 4ty, aserverless computing google cloudllowing users to monitor applications across different cloud environments seamlessly. Being a Godebug command hoi4ogle-supported toodebug command in pythonl, it offers extensive intapplication letteregrations with various Google Cloud services and tools.

However, some drawbacks include rapplication formeported issues with customer support, limitapplication software developered query filtering criteria, and the absence of an alert policy feature.

Use cases for the Opeapplicationrations Suite include monitoring serverless infrastrapplication formucture and applications, troubleshooting serverless applicatiodebug command minecraftns using cloud oapplication development trendsps tools, and optimizing application performance to reduce Mean Time to Recover (MTTR).

Pricing Model

Regarding pricing, the codebug command in cmdst of using Google Cloud’s Operations Suite products is based on usage or data volume, and there are typically no upfront fees, with free data usage allotments available for users toserverless computing aws get started.


Dashbird is an advanced real-time monitorinapplication formg and alerting system designed specifically for AWS Lambda applications. It excels at detectidebug command hoi4ng Lamdebug command in pythonbda-specific issues like timeouts, memory problems, runtime errors, misconfigurations, and exceptions. Dashbird offerdebug command in cmds seamless integration with CloudWatch and supports multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, Nodserverless computing meaninge.js, and Go. Its pridebug command sims 4mary goal is to optimize costs, enhance perfordebug command minecraftmance, and maserverless computing platformsnage resources efficientserverless computing google cloudldebug command eu4y by providebug command eu4ding insightful analytics for AWS accounts, servicdebug command minecraftes, and functions.

Key advanserverless computing azuretages of Dashbird include its straightforward depapplication software developerloyment process, compserverless computing meaningrehensive architecture observability, automated alerting system, and a powerful insights engine forapplication form detailed analysis.

However, there are limitations to consider, including limited iserverless computingntegration with platforms beyond AWS Lambda, complexities in customization, lack of mdebug command in pythonobile supportapplication, and occasional service intdebug command in cmderruptions.debug command hoi4

Use cases for Dashbird indebug command ciscoclude AWS Lambda infrastructure monitoring, loapplication formg management, X-ray tracing for performance analysis, anapplication colleged settindebug command eu4g up alerts anserverless computing awsd alarms for critical events.

Pricing Model

Dashbird offers a pricing model with three tiers starting at USD 0, wiapplication formth costs varying based on the number of executions peserverless computing youtuber month.


Epsagon is an advanced pdebug command hoi4latform that offers autoserverless computing platformsmated data correlation, payloads, and end-to-end observability across various environments, empowering IT proserverless computing securityfessionals to troubleshoodebug command eu4t and resolve issues quickly adebug command stellarisnd efficiently. The tool provides comprehensive visibility into containers, virtual machines, serverless systeapplication development trendsms, and more, eliminating the need for manual coding, labeling, training, or maintenance efforts. Epsagon leveragedebug command stellariss distributed tracing and sophapplications folderisticated AI algorithms todebug command minecraft identify expenses and monitor end-to-end performance efapplication formfectapplication for us passportively.

Some key advantages of Eserverless computing meaningpsagon include its compatibiliserverless computing securityty with any modern cloud eserverless computing azurenvironment, and extensive integrations with popular tools and services like EventBridge, Jira, GitapplicationHub, Serverless Framework, Sserverless computing securitylack, Pagerdebug command eu4Duty, Pulumi, and others. It also offers AI-based prediction and alertingdebug command cisco capabilities, customizable dashboards for tailored monitoring, and automated tracing for cloud microserviserverless computing azureces.

However, there aredebug command in cmd some drawbacks to consider, such as a slight increase in code execution time, pserverless computing meaningotential data fragmentation due to tserverless computing platformshe lack of a general dapplications folderadebug command sims 4ta framework, nserverless computing awso optimization for mobile platforms, and limited sudebug command hoi4pport for multiple AWS accounts.

Use cases for Epsagon include automserverless computing meaningated tracing for cloud microservices, monitoserverless computingring capplication software developerentral processing unserverless computing youtubeit (CPU) and memory utilization in containeapplications folderrs, root cause analysis for issues, and inapplication formstaapplication formnt observability with payload visibility.

Pricing Model

Epsagon oapplications folderffers a pricing model with three tiers starting at $0, providing up to 1K tracesserverless computing azure per month based on the selected plan.

Sdebug command in cmdite24X7

Site24/7 is an integrated monitoriserverless computing meaningng solution designed to coverserverless computing website, application performance, servedebug command minecraftr, network, and cloud monitoring needs. This comprehensive tool ofserverless computingfers extensiveapplication visiserverless computing azurebility across varapplication for us passportioserverless computing securityus public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCserverless computingP, as well as on-premises ddebug command ciscoata centers leveraging hyper-converged infrastructudebug command in pythonre (HCserverless computing azureI) technologies such as VMware and Nutanix. Site24/7 allows tech teams to create custom events or choose from a raserverless computing google cloudnge of predefined scenario types for monitoring purpapplication formoses, and it also comes with a mobile app for convenience.

Some advantages of Site24/7 include instant alerts for tidebug command minecraftmely notifiapplication development trendscations, robusapplication development trendst security toserverless computingols for both internal and external monitoring of sedebug command in pythonrverless applications, and an optimized mobile application for on-the-go monitoring and managemapplication forment.

However, tdebug command in pythonhere are a few drawbacks to note, such as challenges with the transaction recording process, the absence of browser recorder playback for recorders, and odebug command minecraftccasionaserverless computing azurel interruptions in customer service.

Use cases for Siteserverless computing meaning24/7 encompass public and private cloud monitoring, log manaserverless computing platformsgement, network monitoring, and application performancedebug command cisco management.

Pricing Model

Site24/7 offers a starter plan priced at $9 per month when paid annually, making it an accessible option fodebug command ciscor businesses looking to enhance their monitoserverless computing azurering capabilities.


Thundra is a robust platform offering a suite of fapplication for us passporteatures including tracing, profiling, monitoring, and alerting designedebug command hoi4d to assist aapplicationdministratorsdebug command sims 4 in effectivserverless computing azureely managing distributed services. It provides comprehensive observability for end-to-end serverless architectures, facilitdebug command eu4ates capplication collegeodebug command ciscode-level time travel debugging, and offers automatic disdebug command ciscotributed tracingapplication capabildebug command sims 4ities. Thundra also features a free live on-premises AWS Lambda deapplications folderbugger, ensuring that it doesn't intserverless computing platformsroduce additional latency to code execution.

Some advantages of Thundra include detailed monitoring of distributed systems, a wide range of automated alertdebug command eu4ing opserverless computing youtubetions, ease of setup, and no impact on code execution time.

On the downside, Thundra may have compapplications folderlex conapplication software developerfiserverless computing securityguradebug command in pythontion options, making idebug command sims 4t less suitable for smaller environments. Additionally, it has a steep learning curapplicationve, requiring users toserverless computing security invest time in learning its intricacies.

Use cases for Thundra include automating tracing and serverless monitoring, time travel debugging, integrating alerts and actions with workflows andapplication college systems, and real-time automation of security and complapplication formiance control configuration, enforcement, and verificationapplication letter.

Pricing Model

Thundra offers a variety of pricinapplication collegeg models including a free triadebug command hoi4l, freemium, and subscription plansdebug command sims 4 starting at USD 0 with options to scale basedserverless computing security on monthly invapplication letterocatiapplication collegeons, makindebug command stellarisg it accessible to a wide range of users and organizations.

Google Cloud Monitoring

Google Cloud Monitoring, an integral component of Google Cloud’s operations sapplication collegeuite, offers automated dasapplication letterhboards designed tapplication development trendso collect metrics seamlessly for Gooapplicationgle Cloud services. This tool stands oapplication formut fserverless computing securityor its abidebug command ciscolity to support multi-cloud and hybrid environments, making it a versatile choice for diverse infrastructure setups. Some of its notable features include service-level objective (SLO) monitoring, managed metrics specifically tailored for Kubernetes and virtual macapplication for us passporthines, and effortless integrdebug command sims 4ation with Google Cloud services without requiring additional instrumentdebug command hoi4ation.

One of the major advantages of Google Clserverless computing youtubeoud Monitoringdebug command in python is its provision of aapplications folderutomatic metapplication collegeric collection dashboards right out of the box for Google Cloud services. Thisapplication letter feature streamlines the monitoring process and provides valuable insights into performance metrics, events, and metadata, aiding in trend identification and issue prevention.

However, it's worth noting that being a relatively new prodebug command eu4duct, Google Cloud Monitoring may still lack some advanced features aapplication formnd may have user interface (UI) issues. Users have reported occasional false positives in alerts, which can be a concern for some scenarios.

The tool finds application across various use cases, includingdebug command cisco scaling monitoring through its managed service for Prometheus, monitoring API uapplication software developersage, tracking Compute Engine virtual machineapplication form (VM) instancesapplication for us passport, and implementing site reliabdebug command ciscoility engineering (SRE) practiserverless computing securityces for ddebug command ciscoigidebug command minecrafttal transformation initiatives.

Prapplication lettericing Model

In terms of pricing, Google Cloud Monitoring follows a model with no upfront fees, allowing users to utilize free data usage allotments to get started. Fordetailed pricing information,udebug command sims 4sers can refer to the official pricing guide provided by Google Cloud. No upfront fees to start usiserverless computingng the free data usage allotments.

New Relic

New Relic is a comprehensive observability platform renowned for its in-depth code-level analysidebug command hoi4s of entire serverless architectures. The tool's intuitive dashboards present performance ddebug command minecraftata of cloud services, makingserverless computing aws troubleshooting seamless with extensive documentatapplication for us passportion. New Relic boasts support for over 1application software developer00 built-in integrations, real-time alert creation, and efficient log management, covering a wide range of languages including Java, Node.Js, Python, Go,.NET, Pdebug command minecraftHP, and Rubyapplication form, and even offerapplication software developers a native C/C++ agent.

One of the standout features of New Reliserverless computing awsc is its ease of installation, making it accessible for users looking tserverless computing platformso dive into performance and availability monitoring. The platform also stands out for its dynamic alerts and the ability to provide granular monitoring across vdebug command ciscoarious infrastructure aspects, appdebug command in cmdlication layers, and customer-side layers.

Howedebug command in pythonver, it's important to note that New Relic may have a steep learning curserverless computing google cloudve, and tserverless computing awshe full subsdebug command in cmdcription can be pricey, which might be a consideration fodebug command sims 4r some users.

New Relic finds applications across diverse use cases, including performance and availability monitoring, AWS Lambda monitoring, observability into cloud-managed functions, and viewing the correlated performance of serverless services within the stack in a unified interface.

Pdebug command minecraftricing Model

Regarding pricing, New Relic follows a userverless computing meaningsage-based model, with specidebug command in cmdfic details available for users to explore in depth.

Wrapping Up

Adopting and accepting a serverless architapplication software developerecture brings accessibility and cost-efficiency to application development. Moniapplication collegetoridebug command minecraftng and debugging serverless appliserverless computingcations is crucial forserverless computing edebug command eu4nsuring their optimal performance, scalability, and relapplication letteriability. Such tools offer a varapplication letteriety of features such as real-time monitoring, comprehensive analytics, automated alerting, and integratioserverless computing awsn with cloud platforms. By leveraging these tools, developers and Deapplication collegevOps teams can effectively manage their serverless architectures, identify and resolveserverless computing issdebug command minecraftues promptly, optimize rdebug command stellarisesource utilization, and deliver betapplication letterter user experiences.

Choosing the right monitoring and debugginapplication development trendsg tool depends on factors like the specific needs of yodebug command minecraftur applicdebug command in pythonation, the cloud platform you are using, budget considerations, and the level of customization and automation required. It's essential to evaluate each tserverless computing meaningool's pros and cons, pricing models, and compatibility with your existinserverless computing platformsg infrastructure before making a decision.

Ultimately, adopting the right monitoring and debugging practices and utilizing the best tools for serverless applications can leaserverless computing meaningd to improved operational efficiency, reduced dapplication collegeowntime, cost savings, and overall beserverless computing meaningtter performance of your serverless ecosystem.