US is Urging Allies to Tighten Regulations Against China's Access to Chip Tech

Us Is Urging Allies To Tighten Regulations Against Chinas Access To Chip Tech

The U.S. is reportedly urging the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea and Japan to increase efforts to prevent China from accessing their microchips.

People familiar with the matter relayed to Bloombergthat the White House is currently negotiating with its allied nations to further limit chipmaking equipment, chemicals and repairs to Chinese clients.

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Sources said the administration wants to assess how much impact the trade limits would have on China's digital and military operations.

Previous reports indicate that the Chinese government and state-backed institutions were able to get advanced semiconductors, including from NVIDIA and AMD, despite the U.S. trade sanctions.

The tension between the two superpower countries continues to rise as each nation increases military and intelligence capabilities through AI, a technology made possible by advanced microchips.

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U.S. Gov't Accuses China of Spying on Americans, Officials

The latest efforts from the U.S. government's new restrictions against China came after leaked documents accused the Asian country of employing AI to spy on U.S.-allied countries and its citizens.

This is in addition to the government's allegation that China was behind the recent cyberattacks on critical U.S. service facilities, such as water and electricity, over the past months.

China has denied the accusations on several occasions, pointing instead to the Western country to be the one spying on them.

Several Chinese software has already been banned in the U.S. since it implemented trade sanctions on the country.

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Biden Admin Wages Tech-Economic War Vs China

It is worth noting that the restrictions against China align with U.S. President Joe Biden's move to reduce the country's reliance on China for its chip technology and semiconductors.

China remains among the top microchip manufacturers in the world by importing raw materials at a cheaper price before exporting them as finished semiconductors.

Biden, who is currently running for a presidential re-election, has touted the administration's tech industry revival efforts as part of his campaign program.