Google Opens External Offers Program Amid DMA Implementation

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Google launched an external offers programthat will enable developers of Google Play-distributed apps to promote their services in the EU.

This includes in-app features and services, but developers must follow the eligibility requirements and the company's payment policy.

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Google Implements Applicable Fees for Eligible Developers

In a post, Google explained that developers must pay the applicable fees for any transactions associated with a Play app done outside the app.

"Like our standard service fees, the fees associated with the external offers program reflect the value provided by Android and Play and support our continued investments across Android and Play," the company added.

Google also detailed that there are two separate components for the payment -- the two-year time-limited fee for the initial acquisition and the charge for the ongoing services.

Within two years, the initial acquisition fee will be 5% for auto-renewing subscriptions and 10% for other in-app offers. Meanwhile, the ongoing services fee will be 7% for auto-renewing and 17% for other offers.

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Google Reveals Eligibility Requirements

Developers that will participate in the program must limit the external offers to the EU users, and these promotions must only direct users to the developer's digital services.

Google strictly requires developers "not [to] redirect or mislead users to a different destination page than that presented in your external offer, or present other false or deceptive information."

They must also provide customer support and refund methods for users who will complete the external transactions through an external offer.

After two years, Google assured developers will have the option to discontinue Play's services for a particular app.

Google's external offers program was announced after the Digital Markets Act started.

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